May 2016 Delegate Report

Greetings Shooters!

It’s that time of year…the grass is green, the trees & flowers are blooming, and there are once again orange clay targets flying all over the State of Indiana!

Please plan to attend your Indiana Zone shoot coming up in mid-May. Both Vincennes (South Zone) and Kingen (Central Zone) will be shooting May 13-15, and St. Joe in the North Zone will be held May 20-22. These are very important shoots for these 3 clubs and they all put a lot of work into hosting these Zone shoots. Please plan to attend!!

It’s good to see so many Indiana residents got a chance to head for a warmer climate in late February and March, either to Tuscon for the Spring Grand or the Silver Dollar for the Southern Grand/Florida State Shoot, or maybe some even hit both locations! Based on the trophy reports it looks like Indiana was well represented on the Leaderboard.

John Harden and Phillip Burton won trophies during the Preliminary Days in Tucson. During the Spring Grand, Indiana trophy winners include Wayne Downham, John Harden and Gene Schneck.

Indiana shooters that brought home trophies from the Southern Grand include John Hill, Larry Ellis, Tank Lunsford, Phillip Kinman, Garl Gresley, Bill Tempest, Jeff Webb, Devon Harris, John Roussel and Tom Neal. Special kudos goes to Event 12 Caesar Guerini Handicap Champion Larry Ellis with a 98 that day, and to the Event 15 Handicap Champion Garl Gresley also with a 98. Great shooting gentlemen!

Florida State Shoot trophy winners who call the Hoosier State home include John Harden, Garl Gresley, Bruce Lovell, Tim Miller, Jeff Webb, Tank Lunsford, Mark Jamison, John Roussel, Chrissy Byrd, Gary McDonald, Bill Tempest, Dillen Johnson and Brandon Sullivan.

The ITA Board of Directors have been working hard on preparing for the Indiana State Shoot, held at our Homegrounds at the Indiana Gun Club, July 5-10.

Hope to see you soon! Jason Barnett
ATA Delegate-Indiana

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