June 2016 Delegate Report

Greetings Shooters!

By the time you are reading this registered trap shooting in the great State of Indiana is in full swing! I would like to thank each and every shooter that attended one or more of our Indiana Zone shoots in May. I big THANK YOU is owed to our 2016 host clubs Kingen Gun Club, Vincennes Gun Club and St. Joe Valley Conservation Club for making these shoots possible. I also would like to recognize the Indiana Trapshooters Association Board of Directors and especially Secretary/Treasurer Bill Radwan for all of the behind-the-scene efforts that go on to make these Indiana Zone Shoots a success.

A quick look at the trophy list for the Southwestern Grand in San Antonio shows a couple of Indiana shooters brought home their fair share of hardware. Congrats to Devon Harris on his 99 in Thursday’s cap event, securing the Championship trophy in the Remington Handicap Event. Then he backed it up with a perfect 100 straight the next day in the Kolar Singles Class Championship and brought home the AAA Champ award. I count SIX trophies for Tank Lunsford, including Sub-Veteran HOA & HAA. Good job to both of these guys!

Make sure you take a look at the www.indianatrap.com website and click on “Calendar of Events” for a listing of all registered shoots taking place in Indiana this year. It’s good to see so many opportunities at clubs all across the State, especially all of the Big 50 events going on during the week. Looking at June & July’s calendar on the website, it looks like there are only 3 days (all Mondays) in both of these months combined that there are no registered targets being thrown in Indiana. That’s a lot of opportunities to shoot ATA targets! A big thanks goes out to Ryan Clark for keeping our website up to date. It really has turned out to be such a useful service for all Trapshooter’s.

I hope everyone is like me and looking forward to our upcoming 122nd annual Indiana State shoot, July 5- 10! If you have any questions about the shoot, camping, interest in sponsorship, want to volunteer to help out or anything else, please get a hold of me at itajason@outlook.com or at 317-850-3011.

I also want to make sure you are planning to attend one of the ATA Central Zone Shoots, being held July 29-31. This is the first year BOTH St. Joe Valley AND Evansville Gun Club will be hosting the event in the same year as they have been rotating every-other-year for the past several years. Please plan to attend and show these clubs the support they so deserve for hosting this shoot.

Hope to see you soon!

Jason Barnett
ATA Delegate-Indiana

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