Women’s Singles Champions

YearNameShot AtBroke
1935Martha Jenkins10074
1936(none listed)
1937Martha Jenkins10076
1938Mrs. W.H. Simmons10087
1939Mrs. E.J. Quigley10090
1940Miss Ruth Knuth10095
1941Miss Ruth Knuth10095
1942Ruth Knuth10098
1943Ruth Knuth10098
1944Ruth Knuth10096
1945Ruth Knuth10096
1946Ruth Knuth10096
1947Ruth Knuth200195
1948Ruth Knuth10097
1949Ruth Knuth10093
1950Ruth Knuth200191
1951Edna Stark200182
1952Estelle Adkins200188
1953Edna Stark200188
1954Billie Cheek200185
1955Billie Cheek200193
1956Billie Cheek200192
1957Edna Stark200191
1958Edna Stark200194
1959Edna Stark200191
1960Edna Stark200186
1961Billie Testa200192
1962Edna Stark200191
1963Mary Sullivan200191
1964Edna Stark200190
1965Edna Stark200192
1966Mary Sullivan200193
1967Mary Sullivan200195
1968Hazel Poole200195
1969Portia Heller200196
1970K. Snellenberger200195
1971Mary Sullivan200194
1972Portia Heller200195
1973Frieda Summers200192
1974Mary Sullivan200193
1975Pat Bull200198
1976Portia Heller200196
1977Frieda Summers200193
1978Portia Heller200194
1979Margaret Zakowski200191
1980Frieda Summers200190
1981Judy Warner200193
1982Barbara Williams200194
1983Judy Warner200196
1984Mary Benoist200191
1985Margaret Zakowski200194
1986Barbara Williams200191
1987Ginny Matthews200194
1988Ginny Matthews200196
1989Barbara Williams200195
1990Ginny Matthews200193
1991Wanda Seitz200195
1992Barbara Williams200196
1993Barbara Williams200196
1994Ginny Matthews200196
1995Barbara Rocheford200195
1996Barbara Rocheford200198
1997Ginny Matthews200196
1998Ginny Matthews200195
1999Michelle Reid200190
2000Ginny Matthews200195
2001Margaret Zakowski200195
2002Ginny Matthews200196
2003Ginny Matthews200197
2004Ginny Matthews200197
2005Debra Cates200194
2006Debra Cates200196
2007Ginny Matthews200196
2008Debbie Thompson200193
2009Brittany Harden200197
2010Barbara Rocheford200196
2011Brittany Harden200195

NOTE: Women’s Singles Championship retired in 2012 with the introduction of the Lady I and Lady II Singles Championships