May 2009 Delegate Report

As I start to write this, spring has finally arrived.  The weather is starting to get warm and hopefully people will start getting in the mood to shoot.

I have seen a lot of Marathons being offered this spring, in Doubles, Singles and Handicap.  Most of these will be 500 target events.   Also there were some clinics offered to shooters so they could improve their skills.  I would say one of the best things I ever did for my shooting was take a clinic.  There are also several special shoots taking place this spring.  Look at the Indiana Trapshooter web site for information.

I would like to congratulate the Indiana shooters who won trophies at the Southern Grand.  They are: V. Tank Lunsford, Wayne Duvall, Frank Craft, David Wright, George Rezabek, Mike Walters, Jack Luck, and Matthew Perkins.

I want to give an update about Ceraland.  We have talked with the director of Ceraland and he is in the process of choosing an architect or architects that will give us an idea of how the shooting complex would be laid out and what it would look like.  After this is done, they will start getting estimates of the cost of the project.  At this time it will be determined whether to continue forward or not.  As I get ore information,  I will pass it along.

Don’t forget the Indiana State Shoot. It will be held July 7 – 12 at our home grounds in Fortville.  I hope everyone will be able to attend.  I really look for this to be one of the best state shoots we have ever had.

Roland King

ATA Delegate

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