June 2009 Delegate Report

On Saturday, April 18, 2009, the Indiana Board of Directors met for their Spring meeting.  Several items were discussed and acted upon.  Some of these items were:

Altering and putting in new trap houses in order to use Pat traps for the state shoot.  At the state shoot we are using 16 program traps and 2 practice traps.

The board of directors voted to re-pour the walks that are the worst of the trap fields. We also are going to straighten the line and not have any houses setting with a slight curve. Also in accordance to an agreement between the ITA, IGC and Fortville some years ago, 5 traps that were not used at last year’s state shoot have been removed.  On the line the western-most and two eastern-most traps were removed.  Also, the two old practice traps were removed. Mark your calendars to attend the Indiana State Shoot July 7th –12th. Come and enjoy one of the finest state shoots in the country.

With regards to Ceraland, the officials at Ceraland are still very excited about the project.  We are currently waiting on final engineering and cost projecting for the project.

I would like to congratulate Tank Lunsford on his trophy wins at the Southwestern Grand and for getting his Grand Slam.  Tank needed a 100 from the 27th yard line to complete his slam. He broke 100 in Event #14, the Krieghoff INL Handicap.

On June 20 and 21, Kingen Gun Club will hold a special shoot commemorating their 50th Anniversary of the gun club. Their address is 5190 N. 500 West, McCordsville, IN  46055. You can also call 317-335-3781 for more information. If you get a chance, plan to attend and congratulate Sharon on her dedicated service to the trapshooters of Indiana and trapshooting as a whole.  Congratulations, Sharon.

Roland King

ATA Delegate

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