October 2016 Delegate Report

Greetings Shooters!

The 2016 Target Year has now concluded. I hope each of you had a productive year and I know I look forward to getting the 2017 Target Year off to a great start!! Best wishes for a successful year!

A special thanks goes out to everyone at the St. Joe Valley Conservation Club and the Evansville Gun Club for hosting the ATA Central Zone in late July. Having two sites in Indiana seemed to serve our shooters and shooters from neighboring states well. Both locations had successful shoots and I look forward to hosting more CZ shoots at these locations in coming years.

Indiana shooters winning ATA Central Zone trophies and/or point pins at Evansville include Kirby Youngs, Johnathon Seitz, Chrissy Byrd and Dewey Kirk, and at St. Joe Valley, Gene Baxter.

The 2016 Grand American has come and gone and personally I thought this year’s Grand was a fantastic event. Kudos to everyone at the ATA for putting on such a great shoot. It was nice to see Indiana so well represented in Sparta, both in attendance numbers and also seeing “IN” constantly on the leaderboard!

Trophy winners from Indiana during the Grand Preliminary Week include new or at least soon-to-be Indiana Resident Preston Crandell, as well as William Andersen, Stephen Byrns, Chrissy Byrd, Tom Neal, Tank Lunsford, Mike Grannan, Gene Schneck, James Cassidy, Bobby Hubble, Stanley Miles, Vern Brown, David Winn & Jack Curry.

During Grand Week, these Indiana shooters won trophies: Stephen Byrns, Wayne Downham, Vern Brown, Bob Reynolds, Devon Harris, Garl Gresley, Bobby Hubble, Brian Willis, Kirby Youngs, Larry Schauss, Curt Lunsford, Tank Lunsford, Mike Grannan, Mark Bernhardt, Bob Reynolds, Richard Garmene III, Michael Ross, Terry Hicks, Chief Roach, Bobby Bolden and Gary Evans.

Congrats to all of these shooters and thanks to all Indiana shooters that attended the 2016 Grand American!

At the Cardinal Classic, Indiana shooters certainly brought some hardware back to the Hoosier State. Trophy winners at that shoot include Tom Neal, John Roussel, Red Grider, Bobby Bolden and CW Arnett. John Roussel’s name was on that trophy list three times! And speaking of John, he hit some Lifetime Target milestones at the Grand this year, passing the 100K Singles mark as well as the 75K Doubles total. Congrats to John Roussel!

Jason Barnett
ATA Delegate-Indiana

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