September 2017 Delegate Report

Greetings Shooters!

As of September 1, 2017…Welcome to the new Target Year! I hope the 2017 Target Year was a success for you, and best of luck to you as the new Target Year begins.

I want to extend a sincere Thank You to everyone that attended the 2017 Indiana State Shoot! Overall I couldn’t be happier with how this year’s Indiana State Shoot went. Attendance was great and we were up 209 total entries over last year, with a total of 3,090. This is the first time we broke the 3,000 entry mark since 2013 and this was our largest shoot attendance-wise since 2009! We had our struggles with the weather on Friday afternoon which caused the postponement of that day’s Doubles event to Sunday morning and the cancellation of our Annual Miss & Out Shoot-off which I know caused a lot of disappointment. I have been advised by those involved with the Miss & Out, namely Tom Matthews, Devon Harris, Adam Hart, Baker Farms & Indiana Gun Club that the event will definitely be back next year, bigger & better than ever!

A special congratulations goes out to our Championship winners! We had 4 Indiana shooters turn in 199’s for Saturday’s Singles Championship. Michael Gooch was crowned our Singles Champion, outlasting CW Arnett, Devon Harris & Tom Neal in the shoot-off. In Sunday’s Doubles Championship, 98’s shot off for Champ with Jason Seitz prevailing over Albert White, Eric Shroyer & Adam Hart. 97’s were high for Indiana residents in the Handicap Championship, with Michael Huffman winning in a shoot-off with CW Arnett. CW Arnett’s 393 in the Championship events secured the HAA title, and he also took home the HOA Championship with an 1159. Again congrats to all of our Indiana Champions!

The Indiana Trapshooting Hall of Fame saw the Induction of two very deserving members this year, Harold Bowers & Don Barker. Congrats goes to both of these gentlemen. Also congrats to all of our 2016 Indiana All-State Team members which were awarded a plaque on Friday at the state shoot recognizing this accomplishment. Plaques were also awarded to recognize contributions to the sport of trapshooting by three ladies, Jennifer Buck, Amanda Baker & Roxie Antczak.

2017 ITA President Bob Reynolds wrapped up his tenure on the BOD and much gratitude should be extended to Bob for all he has done on behalf of the ITA. The new Board of Directors for this year are President Dave Cates, Vice-President Keith Weller, Directors Jason Barnett, Bill Mager, Dave Wade, Don Barker, Larry Schauss, Mike Williams, Ron Dicke and newly elected Director Jason Seitz. Bill Radwan will continue as our Secretary/Treasurer and Bob Reynolds will move into the Ex-Officio position. Jay Hammond is our new AIM Director. I will once again be your ATA Delegate, with John Harden & Roland King at Alternate Delegates.

As you are likely aware, and if not you certainly should be, the Indiana State Shoot would not exist if it wasn’t for our Volunteers. So much goes on before the shoot, during the shoot and after the shoot that a far majority of shooters never see. I encourage anyone & everyone to make sure they thank the people that make things happen. People like Sal DeSantis, Dave Wright, Mike Williams, Bill Mager, Rick Dillon, Don Barker. These guys were at IGC the week before the shoot hooking up the new LED Shoot- off lights and getting all of the trap machines ready to go. Guys like Bobby Hubble & Tom Neal working on the machines and setting targets. Don Carlton & Dave Wade working on the campground layout and having the patience to direct campers to their spots. Dan Fesler always bailing us out in the plumbing department while Desira Fesler attends to all EMT services. Bill Kranenburg & Rick Dillon constantly getting called on the radio for target resets & speaker issues. Lee Van Duyn having to listen to me complain about trashcan locations. Mike & Diana Powell, Roger Thompson, Paul Fisher, James Fisher,

always willing to lend a hand and do whatever needs done. Keith Weller rehabbing the On The Line display and everything he does for the AIM program. Lowell Thomas and his crew at the practice traps. Roxie Antczak for everything she has done to create the ITA Spectator Experience, which really was outstanding this year. Dave Cates & Dianna Simkins for all they do with our trophies. Beyond the trophies, Dianna does about 25 others things for us… squadding, help desk, my Shoot-off assistant…all with a smile. Now she can even add National Anthem singer to her list of things she does at the shoot. This is just a small sample of what our Volunteers do for the Indiana State Shoot. I know I missed many, many names but please be aware that you are appreciated for everything you do!

Speaking of the National Anthem, I must say one of the many highlights for me at this year’s shoot was that each morning we had a soloist pay tribute to our Nation by singing the National Anthem. I had received an email prior to the shoot from one of our AIM shooters, Miss Riley Winstead, asking if it would be okay if she sang the National Anthem on AIM day, which is Tuesday, and was also the 4th of July/Independence Day. She did an amazing job and it led to her, Dianna Simkins and a young man named Riley that is one of our scorers taking turns the rest of the week singing the Anthem each morning. What a great way to start the day!

As always, don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything or would like to have anything included in this monthly report for Indiana. My email is

Jason Barnett
ATA Delegate-Indiana

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