Rule Changes from the 2012 Grand for the 2013 Target Year


Earned Yardage Table – changed lowest two attendance ranges from 15-39 to 25-49 for 1/2 yard and 40- 69 to 50-69 for 1 yard

Penalty Yardage – can be posted at the club (to allow for printed program omissions)

Break Point – change all Zone handicap break points to 90%

Allow shooters to receive more than 3 yards off in a year with Delegate and CHC approval.

Shooters without 500 singles may be given a reduction with approval of Delegate and CHC.

H code – Shooters earning 1.5 yard or more in one event cannot be reduced below that yardage for 1 year (was 2 years).

Remove language that requires score sheet to always be visible to the shooter (change reflects current practice.)

Correct language in other areas of the Rule Book that are affected by any of the changes indicated above.

2013 Grand American dates – August 7-17, 2013
AIM Grand – August 3-6, 2013; handicap and doubles on August 4th.
ATA to purchase the property at 1105 E. Broadway, Sparta IL
A 2-yd reduction will be offered again in TY13. Conditions slightly different.

State/Provincial Preliminary Handicap Champion ATA Buckle and Added Money will be available only to In-State shooters.

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