October 2018 Delegate Report

Greetings Indiana Shooters!

I hope everyone is having a great fall here in Indiana and you are able to get your new Target Year off to a fantastic start. This time of year is perfect for getting out and supporting our local Indiana clubs and taking advantage of the weather.

It was great to see so many Indiana shooters at the Grand in early August. Kudos to Lynn Gipson, everyone on the Executive Committee and the countless workers & volunteers that make this shoot possible. My personal highlight was watching my squadmate from Illinois, Bryan Nemec, run 100 in the Championship Doubles event! This was Bryan’s first 100 straight in Doubles and he certainly picked a great time & place to do it.

Congrats to all of the Indiana shooters that won trophies this year at the Grand American! Prelim week winners include Tom Neal, Michael Fulford, Scott Norris, Tank Lunsford, Tom Strabavy, Steve Byrns, Vern Brown, David Payne, Preston Crandell, Phillip Kinman, David Heeringa, CW Arnett, Mark Barker, Paul Rode and Chrissy Byrd. For Grand week, Howard Byrd, Steve Byrns, Chrissy Byrd, Eric Shroyer, Mary Lynne Downham, Ron Zimmerman, Jeff Webb, Scott Norris, Mike Williams, Dylan Newport, Jim King, Michael Bowe, Preston Crandell and Tank Lunsford all brought home Grand American hardware from Sparta.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything or would like to have anything included in this article for Indiana.

Jason Barnett, ATA Delegate – Indiana

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