October 2009 Delegate Report

I would like to congratulate all of the Grand American trophy winners from Indiana. They are: Michael Cornelius, William Anderson, Morris Cornelius, Richard Taylor, Stanley Kenny, Paul Rode, Jason Barnett, Tank Lunsford, Gilbert Huffman, Matthew Perkins, Morris McCoskey, Mike Walters, Larry Ellis, Samantha Hicks, Robert Krohn, Debra Cates, Curtis Schum, George Gresh, Timothy Gunter, Terry Hicks, James Misiukiewilz, John Voliva, Robert Hardy, Glenn Ash, Robert Reynolds, Michael Ruggieri, Benjamin Krafft, Mark Burgess and Mike Mathews. Great shooting!   It is always a lot of fun and it takes hard work to win a trophy at the Grand.

At the board of directors meeting of the Delegates there were some rule changes.  They are:

  1. At all tournaments where All-American points will be awarded, in any event, shooters may declare only one category (i.e. Lady, Sub-Jr, Jr, Veteran, Sr. Veteran or Chair shooter).
  2. Any shooter who is tied for event champion may shoot off/carry over for the championship trophy.  If a shooter fails in the championship trophy shoot-off/carry over and has declared a special category at classification, the shooter will fall back to his or her declared category.
  3. Any shooter who has declared a special category at classification and whose score only qualifies him/her for any trophy in his/her declared category will compete for the category trophy and not for place, class or yardage group.
  4.  Any category shooter whose score doesn’t qualify for a trophy in his/her category may compete for place, class, or yardage group. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  5. The “F” code would be a new code to be used by the EC, CHC and Delegates to specify a lower limit (or floor) for a shooter’s handicap yardage.  The restriction characteristics of the “F” code would be similar to those of the current “H” code. Specifically, the shooter could earn yardage and get reductions via the normal 1000 target review process but would be prevented from going closer that the floor yardage.
  6. “Y” coded shooters may request a special review reduction through their state delegate or a member of the Central Handicap Committee.

Remember to support your local clubs.  There is a lot of good fall shooting and it is a good way to get a start on target requirements for 2010.

Roland King

ATA Delegate

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