May 2022 Delegate’s Report

Greetings Indiana Shooters!  

Hopefully everyone is looking forward to a productive 2022 shooting season in Indiana like I am.  Obviously, we will have a few obstacles to overcome with the lack of shells, fuel costs and inflation of prices on everything going on these days.  My only hope is a majority of people’s eyes will be more open now than ever before on the importance of who they vote for in local, state and especially national elections.

The dates and locations for the 2022 Indiana Zone shoots are set and I anticipate we will have a great turnout at each location to show support for these host clubs that work so hard to hold these Zone shoots.  The Central Indiana Zone will be held this year at Kingen Gun Club with a Preliminary Day on Friday, May 13th and Championship Days on Saturday May 14th and Sunday May 15th.  Both the Northern Indiana Zone, held at Fulton County Gun Club, and the Southern Indiana Zone, at Evansville Gun Club, will be held the same weekend with Preliminary Day on Friday, May 20th, and Champ Days Saturday May 21 & Sunday May 22.  I look forward to seeing many shooters at all 3 of these locations!

Of course, I hope your calendar’s are marked for the 2022 Indiana State Shoot will be held at our homegrounds in Fishers on July 5-10, 2022.  If you need info about the shoot please reach out to me.  All camping & vendor inquiries should be directed to Dan & Desira Fesler via email at

The 2021 Indiana All State Team has been finalized.  Congratulations to all of our All State Team members, including Scott Cochran, Devon Harris, Jason Seitz, CW Arnett, Ed Budreau, Michael Gooch, Thomas Kleyla, David Heeringa, Nathan Hall & Jeff Anderson, our Open All State Team.  The Sub-Vet Team consists of Tank Lunsford, Steve Byrd, Mike Williams, Mark Barker, Bob Johns, Michael Fulford, Herb Dinkel, Scott Tetter and Fred Hackett.  On the Veteran Team, Al White, David Winn, Bob Phillips, Tom Neal, John Fry, George Obren, Garl Gresley, Paul Schierenberg, Bernie Matthews and Kelvin Roots all made the team.  The Senior Veteran Team includes Vern Brown, Tom Antczak, Sr., Jack Curry, Ken Heathcoate, Bobby Hubble, Michael Welte, Jerry Brown, Tom Rhoads, Fred Abraham and John Roussel.  Making the Lady II Team were Ronette Brumfield and Terry Bolden.  The Lady I Team included Chrissy Byrd, Wendi Thompson, Deborah Stueck and Jennifer Buck.  On the Sub Junior Team, Matthew Antczak, Alexander New and Dylan Hall all made it, and Gabriel Watkins made the Junior Team.  The Junior Gold Team consisted of Cole Disser & Ethan Buck.  Again, congrats to all of these shooters.  Also, I want to recognize out High Average leaders for the 2021 Target Year, Scott Cochran took the Singles & Handicap crowns with 98.44% and 94.04% respective averages, and Devon Harris prevented the complete domination shut out by capturing the high Doubles with a 96.94% average.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything or would like to have anything included in this article for Indiana.  My email is  

Jason Barnett, ATA Delegate-Indiana

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