March 2009 Delegate Report

I would like to congratulate the Indiana All-State Teams:  They are:

Men’s First Team – V. Tank Lunsford, Jack Curry, Michael Welte, Keith Heeg, Eric Schroyer, Ron Lamping, John Voliva, Roland King, Bobby Hubble, and David Winn.

Men’s Second Team – Tom Antczak, Garl Gresley, Robert Phillips, Tom Neal, Robert Reynolds, William Tempest, John Fry, Gene Baxter, Roger Thompson and Michael Stephenson.

Women’s State Team – Barbara Rocheford, Ginny Matthews, Mary Downham, Debra Cates, and Debbie Thompson.

Sub-Junior Team – Tyler Maikranz, Carl Seib and Matthew Moser.

Junior Team – Mathew Perkins, Jacob Guthrie, Benjamin Krafft, Aaron Ripple and Chris Cox.

Veteran Team – Bill Gray, Wayne Downham, Harold Bowers, Jerry Brown, William Tucker, George Gresh, Butch Thompson, Ray Strabavy, Wayne Duvall and Darrell Elsea.

Senior Veteran Team – Carl Simkins, Jerry Weida, MD, C.G. Elman, Charles Vise and Gilbert Huffman.

I also want to congratulate the trophy winners of the Dixie Grand.  They are: Thomas Antczak, V. Tank Lunsford, John Roussel, Cody Sullivan, Harold Bowers, Keith Heeg, Michael Cornelius and Cory Kreith.  Good Shooting!

The Indiana Board of Directors met January 10 to discuss several items that was presented to them.  Here is a synopsis of the meeting per John Voliva, ITA president.

  1. Youth shooting – the board voted to support the AIM program in the same way that we supported the SCTP in years past.  The ITA will not support SCTP monetarily in 2009, but supports the SCTP in having a state championship.
  2. 2009 AIM State Championship will be held separately from the Indiana State Shoot at a date yet to be determined. Indiana Gun Club has tentatively indicated that they will host the Aim Indiana State Championship.
  3. A letter will be sent to ITA member gun clubs encouraging them to set up Big 50 programs to allow the AIM shooters to register 300 targets before the state championships as required by AIM.
  4. Youth shooting shell raffle will be re-instated for 2009.  Raffle tickets will be sent out to gun clubs by the end of February.
  5. The board had a discussion with Indiana Gun Club management about improvements to the club and grounds.  A list of improvements were approved by the board, with big ticket items requiring bids to be presented and a vote by the board.  All smaller ticket items (list defined by the board) will be approved by the president of the ITA.
  6. Target fees for the 2009 state shoot have been increased to $28.00.
  7. A plan was presented to the board to modify the existing trap houses that need modification to allow the installation of pat traps.  The board voted unanimously to proceed with this plan.
  8. With the traps houses modified, the ITA will need to procure pat traps for the state shoot.   A letter will be sent to the member gun clubs by the president of the ITA requesting assistance in providing pat traps for the state shoot.   This can be either in the form of renting a trap from a club and/or securing donations from member shooters of the club to allow the ITA to purchase the traps.  The ITA currently uses 18 program traps plus one practice trap for the state shoot. Phillip Baker has indicated that we can rent his 4 pat traps he presently has at Indiana Gun Club.  Therefore, we will need to have at least an additional 14 pat traps and the board would also like to have at least one additional pat trap to use on the practice/make-up field.

Remember to mark your calendars for the Indiana zone shoots in May. The Southern Zone will be May 9 & 10 at Indian Creek Shooting Center.  The Central Zone is May 30 & 31 at Fall Creek Valley Conservation Club and the Northern Zone is May 30 & 31 at Fulton County Gun Club.  The Indian State Shoot will be July 7 – 12, 2009.

Roland King,

ATA Delegate

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