June 2008 Delegate Report

I would like to send my condolences to the families of Bob Thompson and Lee Staser, two Indiana shooters who touched a lot of lives in different ways.  As everyone knows, Bob is a member of the Indiana Trapshooters Hall of Fame and past president of the Indiana Trapshooters Assoc.  Bob was usually seen shooting, selling guns or ice cream, or just talking with people.  He was certainly a people person.  He touched the lives of many people in Indiana and also in Florida, where he made his winter home.

Lee impacted people in a different way.  Lee never did shoot many registered shoots, but he loved to shoot leagues.  Lee was a leather man.  He made leather shooting bags and leather box holders.  Many times he made these items and gave them away.  They both will be missed and remembered by the shooters of Indiana.

I would like to congratulate the trophy winners at the Southwestern Grand.  They were Tank Lunsford, Devon Harris, Steve Curry, and Jack Curry.  Good shooting of some very tough targets.

Don’t forget about the upcoming Indiana State Shoot July 8-13 at the Indiana Home Grounds in Fortville.  Indiana is also the host state for the ATA Central Zone Shoot.  It will be held at St. Joe Valley Conservation Club in St. Joe, Indiana.  The date of the Central Zone is August 1-3.  I hope the shooters of Indiana can attend both of these fine shoots.

I would also like to inform the Indiana shooters that the ITA is in negotiations with Ceraland and Columbus Gun Club about expanding their trap line to a 25 trap line with pat traps.  This would be a lease agreement with Ceraland owning the property and traps, and the ITA owning the pat traps and voice calls.  We are only in the preliminary stages of talks at this time.  As things progress I will keep you informed.

Roland King

Indiana ATA Delegate

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