July 2016 Delegate Report

Greetings Shooters!

I hope everyone is ready for the Indiana State Shoot! It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already. I am looking forward to a great shoot with GREAT weather!!

A big THANK YOU is owed to our 2016 Indiana Zone host clubs Kingen Gun Club, Vincennes Gun Club and St. Joe Valley Conservation Club for making these shoots possible.

On Saturday in the Singles Championship at the Indiana South Zone in Vincennes, Eric Shroyer bested the field with a 197, followed by Clayton Taylor with a 195. In the Doubles on Sunday, tops scores came from John Fry with a 94, and Ed Budreau & Rick Fassino both turned in 92’s. In the Handicap Championship, the Champion belt buckle went to Tom Tepool with a 93, and 92’s coming from Keith Jones, Gary Jones and Rachel Budreau. The HOA buckle went to Eric Shroyer with a 378. I saw a video from the Opening Ceremonies at Vincennes of a group of Bagpipe musicians playing the National Anthem that looked like a pretty neat deal!

At Kingen Gun Club, things started off with a “Missing Man Squad” to honor a couple of gentlemen that have recently passed away. With Charlie Vise shooting lead-off, Steve Crawford on post 3 and Lowell Thomas on 4, a moment of silence was observed to honor Ralph Dabney on post 2 and Don Busch on 5 when it would have been their turn to shoot. Saturday’s cold & windy Singles resulted in John Hill turning in the top score with a 194, followed by Kenneth Heathcoate’s 190. Out-of-Zone shooter & Past ITA President Dave Wright broke a 193. On Sunday, high Doubles scores went to the Sullivan brothers, with Cody taking AA with a 93 and Brandon putting up a 90 to take the Junior Gold trophy home. Handicap belt-buckle winner Steve Byrd broke 92 of them to earn honors as well as a 1⁄2 yard punch. Kenny Heathcoate ran away with the HOA with a 367. Written words just can’t do justice to how much work Lowell & Susie Thomas have put in to recent improvements at Kingen Gun Club; they really have the place looking great.

St. Joe Valley had a nice turnout for their Northern Zone shoot. Congrats to Scott Cochran for his solid 196 in the Singles event, followed closely by Garl Gresley with 196, and Victor Hammond with a 195. On Sunday’s Doubles, Garl was tops with a 96, followed by Jake Leazier’s 95. In Handicap, 96 was the score to beat from Otis Cochran III who took home the Championship buckle trophy. HOA went to Garl Gresley with a 382.

Congrats to all of the trophy winners at all 3 Indiana Zone Shoots!!

I hope everyone has plans to attend one of the ATA Central Zone Shoots, being held July 29-31. This is the first year BOTH St. Joe Valley AND Evansville Gun Club will be hosting the event in the same year as they have been rotating every-other-year for the past several years. Please show these clubs the support they so deserve for hosting this shoot!

As I mentioned earlier, we lost Ralph Dabney Sr. recently. His passing certainly leaves a large void amongst trapshooters in Central Indiana and will definitely be missed. I will always remember many years ago I was squadded with Ralph for several events at the Indiana State Shoot. He typically liked to start on Post 2 or would lead-off but somehow he was on 5 and I was lead-off. Ralph always liked to shoot FAST when it came to being his turn and also liked to get things going quickly after switching

posts. The first time after shooting the first post I moved to 2 and waited while he walked from 5 to 1. Right when he walked behind me he says “let’s go, I’ll be ready” in order to get me to get started quickly. I have laughed about that many many times since that year. We lost one of the good ones with Ralph.

Good luck at the Indiana State Shoot!!

Jason Barnett
ATA Delegate-Indiana

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