January 2018 Delegate Report

Happy New Year’s Shooters!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and 2018 is off to a great start for all. I wish each of you great success this year, both on and off the trap field.

Hopefully this is a reminder, but I will be including it in every article this year just in case you forget…the 2018 Indiana State Shoot will be held July 17-22, 2018!!

I have some exciting news about our ITA website, www.indianatrap.com. As you are likely aware, Ryan Clark has served as our webmaster for the past several years and has made the site into a fantastic source for news & shoot information about trapshooting in Indiana. With his return as an Indiana resident, John Voliva has taken on the project of revamping the website and bringing it up to speed, with improved looks as well as technological functionality. Make sure you check it out during these cold winter months and get your calendar all ready to go for once the spring weather arrives. Also for any Clubs, make sure you email me your shoot programs so they can be added to the website.

The 2017 Indiana All-State Teams have been selected! First I would like to congratulate our High Average by Event champions for the year. Jason Seitz was high in 16’s with a 99.10% average, Preston Crandell was high in Handicap with a 94.00% and Jason Seitz was also high in Doubles with an average of 97.39%

The 2017 Indiana All-State Teams are as follows:

Men’s Open Team: Jason Seitz, Eric Shroyer, CW Arnett, Devon Harris, Bobby Bolden, John Harden, Gary Scott, Michael Grannan, Ed Budreau and Michael Gooch.

Sub-Veteran Team: Tank Lunsford, Garl Gresley, David Winn, Jeffrey Webb, Mike Williams, Robert Bowers, Thomas Moore, Steven Byrd, Bernard Matthews and Gregg Bauserman.

Veteran Team: Tom Neal, Roland King, Thomas Antczak, Kenneth Heathcoate, Jerry Fosbrink, John Roussel, Michael Welte, Jack Curry, R. Scott Norris and Ben Morriston.

Senior-Veteran Team: Bobby Hubble, Vern Brown, Thomas Rhoads, Michael Stephenson, Jerry Brown, William Tempest, Harold Bowers, Charles Vise, Gene Baxter and Larry Ellis.

Lady I Team: Christina Byrd and Deborah Stueck.

Sub-Junior Team: Bo Redd, Noah Rice, Johnathon Seitz, Rhett Wierenga and Ethan Buck.

Junior Team: Daniel Williams and Kaleb Lanoue.

Junior Gold Team: Preston Crandell, Dillen Johnson and Victor Hammond.

For 2018 All-State Teams, the requirements will be the same as for 2017. These minimum target requirements are listed in last year’s Indiana State Shoot program. Also a reminder on category determination- if you declare for a category at any point during the target year, that is the category you are eligible for on the State Team. If you never declare for a category, you are eligible for the Men’s Open Team.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything or would like to have anything included in this article for Indiana. You can contact me here.

Jason Barnett
ATA Delegate-Indiana

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