January 2014 Delegate Report

Well, it has finally gotten cold here in Indiana. We have even had some snow. Most registered shooting has stopped until next spring. But if you still want to get some good shooting in, a lot of clubs will have turkey shoots, game shoots, and calcuttas through the winter months. It is also a good time to just go the club, drink some coffee, and talk to the guys and gals. I know some of the club owners are starting to think about spring and what kind of work will need to be done at the gun club. They are also thinking of what big shoots will be held at the club. Let the club know that, as a member, you will be glad to help out in any way you can. I am sure it would be much appreciated.

I want to congratulate everyone that made the Indiana State Teams. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make the state team.

2013 Indiana All State Teams Men’s All State First Team

1. Eric Shroyer .9557

2. Devon Harris .9527

3. Jason Seitz .9517

4. V. Tank Lunsford .9514

5. Jack Curry .9495

6. Curtis Lunsford .9461

7. Tom Neal .9432

8. Thomas Kleyla .9422

9. Garl Gresley .9422

10. David Winn .9415

Men’s All State Second Team

11. Mike Welte .9369

12. Jeffery Webb .9360

13. Roland King .9342

14. Richard Self .9329

15. Robert Phillips .9323

16. Kenneth Heathcoate .9313

17. C.W. Arnett .9288

18. John Harden .9279

19. Gary Scott .9275

20. Robert Bowers .9243

Lady’s All State Team

1. Jamie Taylor .8888

2. Mary Lynn Downham .8783

Sub Junior All State Team

1. Jacob Wieneke .9364

2. Clayton Taylor .9307

3. Colton Bright .9183

4. Griffin Collins .9138

5. Hunter Wheeler .8921

Jr. All State Team

1. Brandon Sullivan .9324

2. Jason Ivanovic .9322

3. Matt Strimple .9232

Vet All State Team

1. Thomas Antczak .9494

2. William Tempest .9315

3. Bobby Hubble .9273

4. David Carter .9269

5. Roger Thompson .9217

6. John Roussel .9209

7. Jerry Brown .9207

8. Richard Weir .9180

9. Thomas Rhoads .9161

10. Michael Stephenson .9105

Sr. Vet All State Team

1. Raymond Strabavy .9291

2. Gilbert Hoffman .9207

3. Gene Baxter .9181

4. Carl Simkins .9177

5. Wayne Downham .9122 .

I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas that can be used for the upcoming shooting year. I always get a gift certificate to my local gun club to buy shooting supplies.

I am already looking forward to spring. I am ready to get out and shoot some registered targets. If anyone is looking for a good clinic to attend in the spring, Indian Creek Shooting Center in Georgetown, Indiana will have Ricky Marshall giving a two-day clinic on May 17-18. I know that Ricky gives an excellent clinic.

Remember to mark your calendar for the Indiana State Shoot July 8-13 at the Indiana Gun Club in Fortville, IN.

Roland King ATA Delegate

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