February 2021 Delegate’s Report

Greetings Indiana Shooters!  I hope everyone had a safe & happy holiday season and are staying healthy this winter.  I know I am already looking forward to some warmer weather and shooting in Indiana to resume this spring. 

I would like to congratulate our 2020 Indiana All-State Team members.  The list is now posted to our indianatrap.com website. Members of the Men’s Open Team include Devon Harris, Jason Seitz, Michael Grannan, Bobby Bolden, Michael Gooch, Tom Kleyla, David Heeringa, Ed Budreau, Tim Richards and Brian Ingle.  The Lady I Team is represented by Chrissy Byrd, with Ronette Brumfield & Terry Bolden on the Lady II Team.  Sub Junior members are Colton Vail and Dylan Hall, with Ethan Buck on the Junior Team and Dillen Johnson on the Junior Gold Team.  Sub Veteran Team members are Tank Lunsford, Gary Richardson, Mike Williams, John Brumfield, George Obren, Steve Byrd, Bob Johns, Bernie Matthews, Herbert Dinkel and Jarold Teeter.  The Veteran Team consists of David Winn, Garl Gresley, Al White, Paul Schierenberg, Roger Verstraete, Kelvin Roots & Bill Mager.  The Senior Vet Team members are Thomas Rhoads, Jack Curry, John Roussel, Ken Heathcoate, Tom Antczak, Sr., Ben Morriston, Charlie Vise, R. Scott Norris, Bill Tempest and Michael Stephenson.  Again, congrats to all these shooters on this accomplishment!

For the High Average by Event awards for 2020, Devon Harris had the high average for both Singles (98.67%) and Doubles (97.60%).  Scott Cochran had the high average for Handicap at 94.10%, all shot from the 27 yard line.

Unfortunately, I have some sad news to report.  Bobby Bolden of Deputy, Indiana passed away on December 19, 2020.  I am really struggling to find the words to do justice to what a loss this is to our Indiana trap community.  Bobby was a phenomenal competitor on the trap field but his personality off the field certainly made him a true one of a kind.  Bobby is one of the few people that no matter when I saw him the first time at each shoot, I’d drop whatever I was doing and go talk to him.  He’d always have something to say or a story to tell that would stick with me.  I consider myself fortunate to camp across from Bobby the past few years at the Indiana State Shoot and will always cherish the time we got to spend with him at the Grand this year at Linn Creek.  I know I speak for many, many people when I say Bobby will be greatly missed.  My condolences to his wife, Terry, and their entire family.

Make sure your calendars are marked for the 2021 Indiana State Shoot, to be held at our Indiana Gun Club homegrounds July 6-11, 2021.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything or would like to have anything included in this article for Indiana.  

Jason Barnett, ATA Delegate-Indiana

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