August 2021 Delegate’s Report

Greetings Indiana Shooters!  

By the time you are reading this the 2021 Indiana State Shoot will be completed, as will the ATA Central Zone shoot in Evansville.  It’s certainly shaping up to be a busy and successful 2021 shooting season, and I have enjoyed seeing so many Indiana shooters at various shoots this year.  

Good luck to all Indiana shooters at the Grand American in Sparta!  I hope to see many, many Indiana names on the trophy list.

As I mentioned last month, an enormous gratitude is owed to our 3 Indiana Zone host clubs for 2021, Vincennes Gun Club in the Indiana Southern Zone, Fall Creek Valley Conservation Club in the Indiana Central Zone, and St. Joe Valley Conservation Club in the Indiana Northern Zone.  Event winners in the Southern Zone were Noah Rice in Singles, Albert White in Doubles, and James Cassidy in the Handicap event.  Albert White was the HAA Champ with a 374.  In the Central Zone, Daniel Williams dominated both the Singles & Doubles events, and Bobby Hubble took home the Handicap belt buckle with a 95.  Daniel Williams won the HAA buckle with a 386.  In the Northern Zone, it was Scott Cochran leading the way in both Singles & Doubles champ events, with Richard Tichler the high Handicap score of the day with a 96.  Scott Cochran was the HAA victor with a 390.  Congrats to all shooters that took home Indiana Zone trophies this year and thanks to all of the shooters for being there and supporting our great Indiana host clubs!

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything or would like to have anything included in this article for Indiana. You can contact me here.

Jason Barnett, ATA Delegate-Indiana

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