August 2009 Delegate Report

As I write this article, we are right in the middle of fantastic shooting in the Midwest. Once again the Indiana State Shoot was a success. I would like to thank the Indiana Board of Directors for all the hard work and preparation that goes into having a successful state shoot.  I want to also thank the many volunteers that also helped in making the state shoot such an enjoyable event for everyone.

For a little update on Cereland:  we now have the engineers drawing and Cereland has opened the process up for bids.  As I learn more, I will keep you posted through the ATA article.

On June 20, 2009, the ITA Board of Directors had a meeting and decided to lower the requirements for the Indiana state teams for this year only. For Singles: Men, Women, Vet, and Sr. Vet. will need 2000 targets, Jr. will need 1500 targets and Sub Jr. will need 800 targets.  For Handicap: Men, Women, Vet and Sr. Vet will need 1200 targets, Jr. and Sub Jr. will need 800 targets. For Doubles: Men will need 800 targets, Women, Vet and Sr. Vet will need 600 targets, Jr, 400 and Sub Jr 200 targets.

Roland King

ATA Delegate

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