April 2014 Delegate Report

I hope everyone weathered the winter well and getting ready to shoot some registered targets.  Here in Indiana, it is starting to warm up enough so we can get out and shoot.

There will be some marathons to shoot this spring. Indian Creek Shooting Center in Georgetown, IN will have a doubles marathon on April 12, 2014.  This is a fun way to get some doubles registered and as the old saying goes, “You can have twice the fun in half the time.”

Now is also a good time to volunteer at your local club. I am sure that our local clubs could use our help, as they are getting ready for a new shooting year. Even if it is just setting up targets, club managers really appreciate the help. Also support your local clubs with shooting there. They need our help more than ever.

I am really looking forward to the Indiana State Shoot. White Flyer targets with Pat traps should give up some outstanding targets at the state shoot. I hope everyone can come and enjoy one of the best state shoots there is. The date of the state shoot is July 8–13, 2014 at the Indiana home grounds in Fortville, IN.

Roland King

ATA Delegate

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