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Important information regarding 2016 Indiana All-State Teams

For 2016, Sub Veteran, Lady I/II and Junior Gold Teams will be added to the Indiana All-State teams.

The Menís Team will consist of the Top 10 overall averages, as will the Sub Veteran, Veteran & Junior Teams. The Lady I, Lady II, Sub Junior, Junior Gold and Senior Veteran Teams will consist of the Top 5 overall averages.

Category placement will be determined by what category you are in at the end of the target year. For example if you start the year in Veteran category, turn 70 during the year and declare Senior Veteran at a shoot, you will be eligible for the Senior Veteran Team. If you turn 70 but stay in Veteran class for the rest of the target year which is your option per ATA category rules, you will be eligible for the Veteran team. If you never declare a category during the target year at any shoot, you will be eligible for the Menís open team. Once you declare a category during the target year, you will be eligible for that All-State Team.

Target minimums for All-State Teams have been changed around a little for some of the categories for the 2016 target year. In order to qualify for the Menís, Sub Veteran & Veteran Teams, minimum targets must include 2,500 Singles, 1,500 Handicap and 1,000 Doubles targets. For Lady I, Lady II, Junior, Junior Gold & Senior Veteran, minimums are 2,000 Singles, 1,000 Handicap and 500 Doubles. To make the Sub Junior Team, you must shoot 1,000 Singles, 1,000 Handicap and 300 Doubles.

To clarify a common question, your Over All Average for All-State Team rankings is computed by your singles average plus your handicap average plus your doubles average, divided by three.

If you have any questions regarding Indiana All-State Teams, please contact your Indiana Delegate, Jason Barnett, via email at or via phone at 317-850-3011.