Indiana Trapshooting Past


   Shorty Addison and Shorty Hinds (L to R) Article 1 / Hershell Cheek & Edna Stark - 57th State Shoot Champions (1951)
Jim Canada, Tom Pitt, Robert Fontaine / taken at Kingen Gun Club Article 2 / 'Straight Shooters Always Win'
Kingen Trophies Article 3 / Visitors at Indiana State Shoot
Roy (?) Williams, Cliff Donghman, Dennis Kingen, Earl Toliver, Herschel Cheek Article 4 / Singles Trap Title to Mitsch
Jenkins Brothers Gun Club Article 5 / Singles Trap Title at Stake
Kingen Gun Club (July 16, 1964) Article 6 / Winners Crowned in Indiana Trap Shoot
Sharon and Dennis Kingen (early 70's) Article 7 / Monk Tewell Campaigns for Trapshoot Changes in Rhyme (Classic!)
Sharon Kingen & Elizabeth Dickey (Vandalia, OH) Article 8 / George Heaney Gets Paid for Hitting Flying Saucers
Wanda Canada, Joannie (?) Davis (L to R) / taken at Kingen Gun Club Article 9 / They're In the City for Trapshoot
Maye Toliver, Dennis Kingen, Earl Toliver / taken at Kingen Gun Club Article 10 / Annie Oakleys of 1957 Get Pigeon on Wing
Indiana Gun Club (38th & Post) Article 11 / Grand Champions Wife Scared of Guns
1 Article 12 / The Outdoor Trail.....goes to the Grand American
Rock and Ralph Jenkins (sitting) Article 13 / Two Deceased Hoosiers in Trap Hall of Fame
  Leonne McClintock (left) Article 14 / Hoosiers in Sun Land
Grand American / Vandalia, OH Article 15 / Cuban Shooters (photo of IND shooters w/ Ernest Hemingway)
5 Article 16 / Ready to Try their Abilities
Rock and Ralph Jenkins Article 17 / State Shooters Crown Champs in Four Classes
Shorty Addison (right) Article 18 / Ms. Billie Cheek
Billie Jean Cheek, Edna Stark (L to R) Article 19 / Sharpshooter (Ms. Frank Stark)
  Neil and Bessie Custer Article 20 / Jimmy Hurtubise (Indy Car Driver / Trapshooter)
  Elzie (Bill) McClintock Article 21 / State Shoot Opens today at Gun Club
  Nellie Deavers, Leone McClintock  
  Elzie (Bill) McClintock, Leone McClintock  
Elzie (Bil) McClintock, Leone McClintock  
Leone McClintock (2nd from left), Neil Custer (4th), Elzie McClintock (5th)  
Leone McClintock (left), Elzie McClintock (3rd from left), Nellie Deavers (4th), Dale Deavers (5th)  
Dale Deavers, Leone McClintock, Leon McClintock (3rd) , Elzie McClintock (5th)  
Elzie McClintock (left)  
Rick McClintock (young boy), Leone McClintock (shooter)  
  Leone McClintock (2nd from left), Elzie McClintock (5th)  
Billie Jean Cheek (left), Leone McClintock  
Front porch at Columbus Gun Club (Leone and Elzie McClintock)